• BMM is registered with FCA as a Mutual Society, run by the Board of Directors for the benefit of members. The AGM is held in April each year.
  • BMM arranges the collection, grading and sale of members’ raw mohair fleece to the highest commercial bidder.
    For many years this was via the Bradford mills in England, which were renowned world-wide for their expertise within the textiles industry. Recently however, significantly higher prices have been achieved by sending our mohair to South Africa, where angora goats and mohair are a major world industry.
  • BMM provides detailed guidance on maximising the potential value of your mohair by correct shearing, sorting, packing and storing.
  • BMM contributes to the BAGS newsletters and Year Books with articles about mohair, fleeces and products both at home and abroad.
  • BMM maintains a members’ area on the website where current sales and marketing information is available.

The joining fee is £25 + VAT (£30.00) plus £1 for the share, making the total joining fee £31.00.


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