• BAGS is a registered Charity run by a committee of Trustees for the benefit of its members, and to provide information for anyone interested in angora goats.
  • BAGS maintains the only official register of angora goat pedigree stock in the UK and, by means of this database, the pedigree of any registered animal can be traced back over many generations. This information is vital for the improvement of the British Angora Goat national flock.
    If you breed angora goats and intend to sell stock it is advantageous to register your kids.
    Registration is also a requirement for entries in show classes held according to BAGS rules.
  • BAGS publishes a Breeders Directory to enable its members to reach a wider public in order to sell their stock, and a Directory of Producers of Mohair Goods for those who sell a wide range of skins, yarns, knitted and woven products.
    The Directories are printed in the YearBook and also available at shows. They are also accessible on the website: www.angoragoats-mohair.org.uk
  • BAGS provides, by means of a number of Fact Sheets, detailed up-to-date information to its members on the care and management of angora goats, including the prevention and treatment of various conditions and illnesses.
  • BAGS produces 3 newsletters every year, plus an annual Year Book, packed with news, views, pictures and useful information about current disease concerns, developments in new drugs, and rules and regulations imposed by DEFRA and the EU.

Membership Fees

BAGS membership costs £30 per year (£35 for overseas residence). A herd prefix can be registered for a one-off payment of £11.75 and this, along with your BAGS membership, allows you to access all pedigree information on your herd from the on-line herd book.


Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now

To join BAGS fill in the form below and click send.

Your Membership Details

  • Your prefix should be one word of not more than ten letters and can be a family name or place name but not a region or large area which might contain other angora breeders. You could also choose a descriptive word but the Committee will not allow any word implying quality in your stock. Please suggest two alternatives