BAGS Fees Update

The BAGS Committee is charged with providing the basis for a sustainable Society for the benefit of angora goat keepers in the UK and all our goats. The financial position of the Society is being carefully managed to give best value to our members, and the annual income is at a reasonable minimum for our known outgoings. Following a review, it is decided to make some adjustments to the fee structure and the new fee structure will be implemented January 1st 2020. The changes involve a reduction in transfer fee, and in order to maintain income, a balancing increase in some registration fees. The transfer fee is reduced from £6 to £3 per goat to encourage timely and accurate reporting of change of ownership to the Society and better accuracy in our herdbook.

We greatly appreciate you encouraging new keepers to become members of BAGS. To encourage members to promote the society to new owners, there will be no transfer fee if the new owners chose to become BAGS members at the time of purchase of their pedigree goats. Encouraging new members is important to the sustainability of BAGS and one of the best ways we can all help promote angora goats and provide support and information to keepers for the benefit of the goats.

BAGS Fees Applicable From 1 January 2020

ALL goats (except kids) MUST be registered prior to showing

Membership Fee (payable annually) £30.00
Overseas Membership Fee (payable annually) £35.00
Prefix Fee (one-off payment) £11.75
Doe Registrations, including grade does (by 31st March in year following year of birth) £9.00
Doe Registration by non-BAGS member (by 31st March in year following year of birth) £23.00
Late Doe Registration (additional fee) £16.50
Wether Notification £5.00
Buck Notification £3.00
Buck Registration (by 31st Dec in year following year of birth) £25.00
Buck Registration (if already notified) £22.00
Buck Registration by non-BAGS member (by 31st Dec in year following year of birth) £50.00
Late Buck Registration £46.00
Transfer Fee (payable by the seller) £3.00

Please Note

  • Animals without full pedigree may be registered following Committee inspection POA
  • No transfer fee will be payable by the seller if purchaser is not a BAGS member and takes out BAGS membership at time of purchase
BAGS Fees Update