BMM 2019 Mohair Fibre Collection

The BMM 2019 mohair fibre collection has been set for Friday 6th September and your mohair should be delivered to your collection point by the 1st September. Please contact your Collection Point regarding delivery.

Packing Your Mohair

As usual fleeces should be packed in BMM bags and the required information written clearly with a marker pen if possible. Bags should be numbered 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5 etc starting with Kid fleece then Young Goat, Adult and Stains.

This may seem unnecessary but consistency really does help at the sorting stage. Please do remove any obvious contamination (straw, hay, thistles, gorse, etc). Please close your bags securely with string – NO baler twine or cables and fill every bag as full as possible with fleece from one age group.

Each bag should be marked with the same number that you used last year. If you do not have a number, can’t remember what number you used last year, or you want to join BMM and send your fleece this year please contact our Collection Coordinator: Dot Tyler via

BMM bags can be obtained from your Collection Point or by mail from Steve Whitley via

Read our Top Tips to Shearing, Sorting and Packing and your mohair here: Shearing, Sorting and Packing Mohair.

Collection Points

The contacts and collection points are as follows:

Devon Mark Snook-Bevis 01409 253731
Hampshire Ian Mason 01590 679921
West Jo Beswick 07973 267111
Wales Doug Lockton 01994 419327
Yorkshire Aileen Simpson 07867 676991

Delivery must be made to your Collection Point by the 1st September but in the case of Ian Mason the date will be 4th September as he is not available for the previous few days but suggests you telephone him to confirm. His phone number is 01590 679921.

Unfortunately John Taylor will not be available this year as a collection point, if you would like to be a collection point please notify Dot Tyler

If you are unable to get to a collection point before the deadline and want to send your mohair to the collection please contact Dot Tyler for advice via Some producers who only have small quantities of mohair post their bags to Jo Beswick.

Lastly make a list of your bags and take a copy to the collection centre writing in Kid, Young Goat, Adult, Stains and the weight of each bag.

If you have any questions about the 2019 collection please contact any of the following for more information.

Dot Tyler
Tel: 01239 831282
Doug Lockton
Tel: 01994 419327
Jo Beswick
Tel: 0797 3267 111
Many thanks
Dot Tyler

BMM 2019 Mohair Fibre Collection