Good afternoon.

We are writing to inform you that Germany has reported an outbreak of BTV-8 near the border with France, and a 150 km restriction zone has been established. Consigned animals (in particular cattle, sheep and goats) may only be moved from this area to areas not under restriction if the animals have been vaccinated against BTV-8 or tested for BT with a negative result.

As a precaution the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) are tracing around 70 animals that were imported into England from this area over the last two months.  These will be placed under temporary restriction and sampled to check they are not infected. We are not aware that any of these animals have subsequently moved to Wales.

We strongly advise livestock keepers to take full account of the disease risks and associated consequences of sourcing animals from all areas affected with Bluetongue, and to be extra vigilant when sourcing from areas nearby.  We would also like to remind all livestock owners that they should be working with their private veterinarians and livestock dealers to assure themselves of the health status of any animals before they are imported and to ensure that where appropriate, they are correctly vaccinated and protected prior to travel.

Thank you for your help and support over the year and wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.


Bluetongue Update