The annual collection was held at Kingcraft Farm, Longdon, Tewkesbury on Saturday 1st October by kind permission of Mrs J Beswick.

A total of 2858 kgs was collected made up of:

  • Kid 501 kgs,
  • Young Goat 695 kgs,
  • Adult 1373 kgs,
  • Stains 62 kgs,
  • Contaminated 141 kgs,
  • Coloured 85 kgs.

Due to the smaller volume the BMM board made a decision to sell this year’s clip on the UK market in Bradford and the total volume was purchased by Seal International Ltd. The two main reasons for this decision were the lower volume and the cost to ship which remains unchanged irrespective of the volume and Seal, having obtained UK buyers for the clip, gave us the opportunity to promote British Mohair in the UK, hopefully encouraging people to keep Angoras goats.

Mohair Fibre Collection 2016