The Royal Welsh Spring Festival (commonly called the ‘Smallholder show’) aims to be the largest and best show of goats in the country – and we hope you’ll join us in making it so.

Building on its large entries of Dairy goats and Pigmy goats, and Angora goat and mohair fleece classes each year, it now aims to expand its range of goat exhibits, and increase entries for all its goat classes. There are:

  • new classes for Boer goats
  • an exhibition of the rare breed Bagot goat (from the mountains of North Wales)
  • and exhibitions of spinning and products using Angora goat Mohair fleece

To grow the exhibition of Angora goats at the show for the public, we would like to increase the Angora goat and mohair fleece entries. To encourage new Angora goat exhibitors there is:

  • a prize for ‘best novice exhibitor’
  • a prize for ‘best pen’
  • a new class for anyone wishing to show Angora goat ‘wethers’ (castrated males; registered or non-registered), which many owners keep purely for fun and their mohair fleece.

2014 Spring Festival Group Champions

Group Champions
Rosettes (298 x 318)
If you would like advice on how to prepare your Angora goats or mohair fleece for the show, simply contact:

  • Christine Brown, British Angora Goat Society Secretary, by email at or by calling 0114 360 2020; or
  • Royal Welsh Spring Festival, Chief Steward Angoras, Tanya Rogers on 01597 810973

The Royal Welsh Spring Festival has many interesting and valuable attractions for visitors.

Further information – and entry forms – can be found on the Royal Welsh Spring Festival website at:

Join us at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival (16th & 17th May 2015)